So, what is a good photo? Is it the perfectly composed image with the absolute right exposure i.e. technically immaculate photo or is it the one with more intangible qualities i.e. one which evokes emotions, tells a story etc.? While few may argue that without a technically accurate photo, it is hard to achieve the latter, I think that even a moderately ‘right’ photograph which achieves the desired result is a great photo. When it comes to technicality, even exposure could be subjective. Sometimes referred to as expressive exposure, the photographer manipulates tonal values and colors to achieve certain aesthetic ends. It all depends upon what the photographer is trying to convey.
Recently when few of the prominent Instagrammers were asked the same question, below were few of the responses:
“A good photo is a visual sentiment which has the ability to touch the mind of others.”
“Images that restore our own memories, cultural references and the sense of being human – those are the ones which moves us.”
“For me, a good photo is one that speaks to me, that tell me a story …”
“What makes a good photo to me is the ability of a picture to capture an emotion, mood or thought which speaks beyond the image itself and communicates the human condition – its speaks not of a lonely man but of loneliness.”
So, nobody talked about technical aspects of photography. The fact that a photo provoked emotions, feelings, mood or imagination was a winner hands down and I completely agree with this viewpoint. After all, a great picture should not only state facts but also go beyond that. In terms of food photography, according to me, a great photo is the one which not just evokes your taste buds but also tells a story. If a photo manages to transport me in a little dream, then I know that I love that image. Conveying an emotion, feeling or mood is what excites me.
The photos in this post were taken at a nearby cafe. I go there often to relax, read and have a small bite. The afternoons there are quiet, not so busy. Sitting at the communal table with my book is what I do most. Time seems to just slow down. Light music in the background, faint sound of the coffee machine, a relaxed rustic setting, smell of freshly baked bread and ground coffee transports me to my little Parisian dream. A feeling which I wanted to document through photos. Though I am a complete beginner at this, I am excited about it and that is the way I want to go.
Having said that, I agree that we all have different sensitivities and we all have a different story. There is no certitude about what a good photo is.











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